About Us

Giftcloud is a 360° gifting service platform that promises to delight you when it comes to corporate gifting

who we are

We strive to meet all your needs with a fully-stacked catalogue, transparent pricing and customised solutions.

We are driven and supported by a global network of suppliers, a growing legion of happy customers and a mission to change the landscape of corporate gifting.

Gifting initiatives and programmes are powerful tools to build your brand equity. That is why we go the extra mile and deliver solutions as a partner to your brand and not limit ourselves to the role of gift suppliers.


Brand guidelines

GiftCloud will always be mindful about and adhere to your rules & guidelines on brand usage & representation.

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Design services

In-house design team can offer you graphic design support and content writing to help your gifts stand out even more.  

Gifting support

Our holistic gifting platform believes in making the process as simple and quick as possible. You can select the right gift from our extensive catalogue.      

Transparent pricing 

GiftCloud understands the value of your time and giving you information helps you make informed choices. You will see the price information beside every product. No more waiting for quotes!   

Ecommerce efficiency

All you have to do is select the gift and sit back. GiftCloud will do all the work involved - printing, getting information from the recipients, delivery of gifts, notifying you on progress and post-delivery support as well.

Reputation management

GiftCloud understands that the gifts you send help manage your brand and standing in the marketplace. By giving you high-quality products, we take on the role of partners when it comes to nurturing your reputation.           

Customised solutions

Flexibility is the key to the perfect gift! We help create bespoke gift sets - tailor made to your needs. Make a set according to a theme you have or simply tell us what you want and we shall make a unique set just for you.         

Human contact  

We are right here! Our website will help your gifting programme immensely but we also understand that sometimes it is conversations that help even more. Contact us and we would be delighted to be of all possible help.   

meet the founder

Mohit Chugani

He is a gifting guru! He has been in the corporate gifting space since 2014 and started our parent company, Chops General Trading LLC, in 2016. He believes in creating & sustaining solid relationships with suppliers, customers and virtually anyone looking for the highest quality of service in this field.

Favourite mantras

Let's make it happen

4 simple steps to select the perfect gift!

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Choose gifts as per your budget

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Transparent pricing for faster decisions

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Choose delivery options at your convenience

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