Our Story (or Why We Started GiftCloud)

Once upon a time Mohit Chugani, our in-house gifting guru took a close look at the land of corporate gifting. During this thorough analysis, Mohit came to realise that there is much that can be done in this space. What’s more, he was confident that he could ‘be the change’ as well. And this thought inspired him to establish Chops General Trading LLC

One of the changes that can help the world of corporate gifting is technology and this led Mohit to found GiftCloud Solutions.com, the tech division at Chops. The world is adapting 'Anything as a Service' (XaaS) pretty rapidly and we recognise the almost unlimited potential of Gifting as a Service. This drove our team to put together a platform which gives you an extremely simple method to select the gifts you want. 

Some of the things we are mindful about:

  • Your time is precious; we want you to have all the information on pricing, delivery, order management etc. in just a few clicks
  • We also want to work in tandem with technology and therefore, an actual human is your account manager, who can help in almost every way possible,  giving you more personalised suggestions
  • The need to cut down wastage in the world of gifting

The team at GiftCloud is (painfully) aware of how many mugs, caps, bags and pens we ourselves have received by way of corporate gifts. Some of them have been consigned to the corners of our office, never to be seen or used again. Some are re-gifted and some, sadly, are thrown away - simply because we have too many of the same thing.

The need to reduce this wastage is vital to us. Our extensive catalogue helps you choose unique corporate gifts that your recipients will love to use. We are firmly earth-friendly; our sustainable options include a whole bunch of products that are made of wheat straw, bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. 

Finally, we are huge supporters of the ‘receive or exchange’ principle. You can give your recipients the choice of either accepting the gift you have chosen for them or exchange them for something else that they'd like. Now, that’s a useful feature, isn't it? You ensure that your branded gift stays with the recipient because they have got exactly what they were looking for!

Transparency in pricing is another reason to start GiftCloud. We realised that most gifting companies need you to contact them for a quote. We feel we could do it more efficiently and save you a lot of time. We take the guesswork out of pricing and give you the quote upfront. Yes indeed, it is about being transparent when it comes to pricing. As you place your order on our website, you will get to know the price at once too.  

There you have it - our story in a nutshell. We hope you like our catalogue and all our gifting services. And that we all live happily ever after!!