Promotional Gifts - The ‘it’ Factor At Trade Shows

Trade shows, exhibitions, business conferences, expos, & many other platforms are effective for:

  • Networking
  • Keeping up with the latest trends
  • Checking out competitors!
  • Expanding your market and
  • Generating leads

And as you know, generating leads, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and building long-lasting relationships with customers are all vital to the growth of your business.

There are many things that you can do to stand out from the other exhibitors in trade shows. You can build a booth that is unique, you can have efficient people manning your booth, and you can ensure that your products & services are displayed fabulously too. But here is one thing that will make all your efforts even more fruitful: promotional gifting. 

Why are gifts important even at trade shows?

It’s not just about getting free stuff! After all, every competitor of yours may also be giving away bags full of goodies to visitors to their booth. What would make you stand apart? The answer is rather simple: thoughtful, carefully curated, branded, & useful promotional gifts. 

And in order to choose this ‘basket of goodies’ you could choose from different categories of gifts such as tech, stationery, gadgets, productivity accessories, personal products, edibles, apparel and so on. The wider the choice, the more customers will love your brand!

Advantages of promotional gifts

Apart from the brand recognition, promotional gifts also bring some powerful benefits to your business.

More traffic to your booth: when visitors to the trade show see other people carrying a stylish tote bag with your brand on it, they are going to look for your booth as well. Tshirts and caps are great gifts too. Making your brand visible on the gifts is the easiest way to attract eyeballs. 

Generating leads: when a visitor lands at your booth, you could hand them a bunch of goodies to help convince them to ‘buy into’ your brand. Something as simple as getting them to enter their contact details in your log book can be encouraged by giving them a pen with your brand on it. So, they enter their details and walk away with a nice pen (or two).

Low cost, high returns: putting together a selection of promotional gifts need not be a costly affair. You can choose gifts according to your budget and make your presence felt. Even a low-cost promotional gift has the potential to help:

  • Brand recall
  • Improve your brand image
  • Widen the sales funnel
  • Shorten the conversion process
  • Introduce new products & services, and
  • Get customers to have a positive experience with your brand

It is interesting that brands and businesses participate in trade shows even to get face time with their existing clients. It therefore makes complete sense for your business to invest in gifts for existing and future customers. 

Indubitably, promotional gifts can make the difference your brand needs in a crowded space such as a trade show.

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