Top 5 Advantages Of Customer Gifts

For most companies, ROI is the most important index for decision-making. Almost every activity is planned, measured and analysed for the value it brings to the company. The ROI ‘filter’ is applied to:

  • Recruitment
  • Advertisements
  • New product launches
  • Investment in machinery and 
  • Corporate gifting too!

That’s right - corporate gifting is slowly but steadily making it to the big league when it comes to generating returns for a business and customer gifting is at the top of this list. A study conducted by Coresight Research Inc. revealed important insights including the finding that 60% of corporate gift expenditure was on gifts for clients and outside partners. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of prioritising customer recognition gifts.

Advantage 1: It helps build longer & stronger relationships

Every corporate entity knows all the pain points of finding, engaging and then retaining customers. Customer gifts go a long way in speeding up the ‘sales funnel’ process. Timely and useful customer recognition gifts help brand awareness, retain the interest of a customer, help in faster decision-making and increase the chances of positive action. 

Advantage 2: Validation for the customer

Everybody loves to feel valued! Even a simple ‘thank you’ message to a customer has the power to bring a smile to their face. Now, imagine what you can do with gifts such as drinkware,  stationery and other options. You can take this validation one step further by giving them personalised gifts too.   

Advantage 3: Customers as brand ambassadors

In today’s digital age, even a single review can tilt the balance either for or against your brand. Building goodwill and the right connections with your customers is, ergo, critical. Corporate gifts even have the power to ‘repair’ and correct a bad experience that a customer may have had and turn them into your strongest advocates.  

Advantage 4: A gift for every customer!

A good business will not limit itself to just customer retention gifts. Customers can be recognised for multiple reasons and on multiple occasions - onboarding, personal & professional milestones, feedback management, activating dormant customers, referral programmes and so on.  

Advantage 5:  Immense flexibility

Online shopping for customer gifts offers multiple advantages and flexibility. You can choose to send branded or non-branded gifts, make customised gift boxes, send gifts to mark seasonal holidays and even send personalised gifts if you know what the customer likes. This kind of flexibility allows you to make the right decision to foster a happy customer.

Jay Baer said, “Customer service is the new marketing”. It would perhaps be pertinent to add to this and say that corporate gifting is the new customer service!

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